Committed to the Advancement of Space Exploration of Our Solar System and Beyond.
Cerebrospace: Forging Ideas into Reality.


The future of the human race is like the scope of humanity: It goes far beyond the confines of our small world.
Cerebrospace is committed to the advancement of the sum of all human knowledge through the first-hand experience of our vast universe.
It is not enough to simply look at the stars; eventually we must reach out and touch them!


The primary focus of the Ad Astra Research and Development division of Cerebrospace is to actively develop DESTINATION: MARS, a low-cost privately funded manned mission to the red planet slated for 2030-35. See 'Manned Mission to Mars' for details. Other ongoing research includes the Deep-Space Initiative and UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) investigation. See 'Research and Development' for details


Cerebrospace Research and Development is made possible through private donors and investors like you.
We are not supported by government funding or military contracts. To find out how you can become involved, please click on 'how you can help'.
Thank-you for your support.

Why the name "CEREBROSPACE"?

Cerebrospace is the region of the human mind where ideas are born, form and take shape; where those ideas are hammered into concepts; where those concepts are forged into plans and where those plans are hardened and tempered into reality. Cerebrospace is to the world of the human intellect as Cyberspace is to the world of computers. Cerebrospace is in us and around us. It is infinite in power, scope and potential. We all have been given a gift --- a magnificent and sacred gift: the ability to freely enter our own little corner of cerebrospace and draw upon its power to make our own and each others' lives better. In the furthest depths of cerebrospace lies the summit of all human creativity; Are you ready to step out into CEREBROSPACE?

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